Entrust us with your logistics, we take care of the rest: efficiently & ecologically

Outsource with simplicity

Your application

We integrate and utilize your application for seamless synchronization of our services with your processes

This way, you stay constantly informed, with real-time access to all important data. No more unpleasant surprises !

With Urbeez, you have total control and absolute transparency, ensuring smooth and efficient logistics management tailored to your specific needs

Need information?

YOUR Branding

Urbeez is committed to representing your brand faithfully

We understand the importance of branding, which is why we personalize our equipment with your logo. From jackets to delivery bags, everything will be branded with your logo, ensuring maximum visibility and a clear association with your company

With Urbeez, every delivery becomes an extension of your brand, assuring your customers that they are receiving the quality service you promise them

100% Partner

At Urbeez, we're not just a service provider, we're your 100% partner

Beyond providing our services, we value open and honest communication. This means sharing both successes and challenges, and working together to continuously improve. We believe in transparent collaboration, where your feedback, whether positive or constructive, is essential to refine our services and strengthen our partnership

With Urbeez, you have more than just a service provider: a dedicated ally committed to your success

The press

PPP & Urbeez 

Every morning, several of our drivers are exclusively dedicated to PPP

Our mission? To ensure that the newspapers arrive quickly and reliably at their destination

Thanks to the innovative Falcon application used by our drivers, every step of the delivery is optimized for efficiency

We understand the importance of fast and reliable information, which is why we constantly adapt to meet your needs

Metro & Urbeez

We are extending our expertise in newspaper delivery to train stations, where we distribute newspapers

Imagine thousands of travelers starting their day with the latest news, thanks to Urbeez's fast and reliable delivery

We are proud to connect people to information, everywhere and at any time

Une nuit chez PPP 

Know PPP

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