Terms and Conditions of Sale and Transport

1.Field of Application

By handing over goods to URBEEZ S.R.L for shipping, the principal acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and their application to all contractual relationships between the parties. Furthermore, the general conditions of the Shippers of Belgium, published in the Belgian Official Journal on July 24, 1980, also apply between the parties when these terms do not expressly derogate from them. In the event of a conflict between these general conditions and those of the principal, the general conditions of URBEEZ S.R.L shall prevail over all others. These conditions may only be derogated from with the prior express written agreement of an administrator of URBEEZ S.R.L. These general conditions apply even if the principal subsequently gives a verbal order that is not confirmed by the signature of a purchase order.

2. The principal's obligations are as follows:

The principal assumes full responsibility for the proper packaging and labeling of the goods to be shipped to ensure their safe transport. It is the principal's responsibility to correctly fill out the shipping notes and all other transport documents. All expenses, in addition to the shipping price, are the exclusive responsibility of the principal, including but not limited to customs duties, customs clearance fees, and any other general charges.

3. Delivery times

Delivery times are provided for indicative purposes only. URBEEZ S.R.L undertakes to do its utmost to meet them, but the client, in case of delay for any reason in the delivery, cannot claim any damages or interest on this account

4.Limitation of Liability of URBEEZ S.R.L

All acts directly or indirectly related to the shipment are carried out for the account and at the risk of the principal. In case of loss or damage to the goods to be shipped, the liability of URBEEZ S.R.L is limited in all cases, even in case of gross negligence committed by URBEEZ S.R.L or one of its employees, to the intrinsic value of the goods and, in any case, to a maximum amount of €125 per shipment, regardless of the origin of the loss or damage. The responsibility for AFSCA lies with the carrier. The carrier undertakes to be registered with the AFSCA. URBEEZ S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for its non-registration.

5. Exemption of Liability of URBEEZ S.R.L.

In no event shall URBEEZ S.R.L be liable for direct or indirect damages, including loss of use or loss of profits. URBEEZ S.R.L shall not be liable for losses due to force majeure, events beyond its control, such as weather conditions, strikes, blockades, epidemics, protests, riots, wars, or mechanical or technical issues of any kind. URBEEZ S.R.L is not responsible for damages caused by third parties or by the principal, including those caused by a third party or by the principal.

By insufficient or inadequate packaging of the goods or by incomplete, inaccurate, or incorrect indication of the recipient.

6. Items excluded from transportation

The principal refrains from requesting the transportation of glass, live animals, liquids, perishable goods, gases, fireworks, and any other items the transportation of which is illegal without special authorization.

7. Subcontractors or agents

URBEEZ S.R.L is authorized to provide all or part of the shipping and transportation services through its own services or through agents or subcontractors subject to the same conditions.

8. Complaints

Any complaint must be submitted by registered letter to the headquarters of URBEEZ S.R.L. within 8 days of shipment, failing which it shall be time-barred. The client refrains from invoking any loss or destruction of goods to suspend totally or partially the payment of sums due to URBEEZ S.R.L., for any reason whatsoever.

9. Payment

Any invoice is payable in full at the headquarters of URBEEZ S.R.L or upon receipt of the goods, unless issued by an administrator of URBEEZ S.R.L. Any unpaid invoice on its due date will automatically incur interest calculated at the rate of 12% per annum without prior notice. Additionally, any unpaid invoice on its due date will be increased automatically by a flat-rate and non-reducible penalty of 15% of the total amount of the invoice, with a minimum of €75, as a penalty clause. URBEEZ S.R.L reserves the right of lien on all goods in its possession and belonging to the principal, as security for the recovery of any unpaid sums.

10. The applicable law and competent court

The relationship between URBEEZ S.R.L and the principal is governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute, unless an amicable agreement is reached, the courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.

11. Divisibility

The possible nullity of any clause in these conditions does not affect the applicability of the other provisions.