Tailored to you, designed to meet every need

1. Unloading

At Urbeez, we've designed our receiving service to be as flexible and efficient as possible. Whether it's at the dock or directly from the truck, we adapt to your logistical setup for smooth receipt of your goods

Our versatile approach ensures quick and safe handling, regardless of the chosen method of receipt

2. Inventory

We are committed to ensuring that each item of your merchandise precisely matches the specifications

By choosing Urbeez, you opt for peace of mind

3. Securing

At Urbeez, the security of your merchandise is an absolute priority. Upon receipt, we take all necessary measures to ensure that each parcel, each product is stored and managed under optimal security conditions

4. Encoding

Once your merchandise is secured, we proceed with its detailed encoding, thus offering you a clear and updated view of your stock

This meticulous process not only ensures the traceability of each item but also facilitates direct and responsive communication with our team

In case of any questions or issues, we are always at your disposal to find suitable solutions.

They trust us