The newspaper Metro is investing in greener distribution thanks to Urbeez

Since last spring, Metro has been collaborating with the Belgian start-up Urbeez. In the three major train stations of Brussels, the newspapers are now delivered using 100% electric vehicles.

You probably don't realize the journey this newspaper has made before reaching your hands. Around 8 p.m., as soon as the editorial team and graphic designers put the finishing touches on the newspaper, it is sent to the printing press in Nivelles. Just a few hours later, the entire distribution network is set up to transport the 150,000 copies of the newspaper to stands all over Belgium

Metro electrifies its distributions

Since April 1st, the Belgian start-up Urbeez has been responsible for delivering Metro in the three largest Brussels train stations: Brussels-Midi, Brussels-Central, and Brussels-North. The idea? 100% electric deliveries that reduce CO2 emissions and alleviate traffic congestion in city centers. Urbeez is a relatively young company. It was launched in Belgium in 2020 and has since expanded to Luxembourg and capitals like Paris and Amsterdam.

A 100% Electric Fleet

Today, more than 250 couriers deliver parcels of all kinds, groceries, and Metro newspapers for Urbeez every day. The fleet of 100% electric vehicles consists of about a hundred bicycles, dozens of scooters, and also a few vans. The vehicles are not chosen randomly. "It's about assigning the right utility vehicle to the right order and optimizing the fleets," explains Angelino Capretti, the founder of Urbeez.

Environmental respect and respect for the delivery drivers

His priority was to offer environmentally friendly delivery. This has been achieved. In fact, to recharge its vehicles, the start-up relies on the network of charging stations that are currently being developed and operate on green energy. These deliveries of a new kind also help reduce urban traffic and thus decongest city centers thanks to the use of different types of vehicles that are adapted to the parcels to be delivered. Another advantage is that Urbeez warehouses are located in the heart of the city, often in parking lots, close to businesses and their customers. This allows deliveries to be made quickly and efficiently.

Finally, beyond the environmental aspect, the human and social aspects are also at the heart of Urbeez's approach. Its model is thus the opposite of well-known companies, notably specializing in meal delivery. "All our couriers have employment contracts and insurance. They are also trained in the best practices of the profession," concludes the head of Urbeez.


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